This chef is smiling because he has the FridgTech DSP 1200 100% cotton filter in his walk-in boxes. It enhances the quality and appearance of his produce and fruit while extending the shelf life which saves his restaurant money everyday.

FridgTech’s Green (DSP) Filters Save Energy & Maintains The Quality of Perishables


FridgTech DSP line of desiccant filters were specially designed to protect products that are refrigerated simply by absorbing moisture during manufacturing, shipping, and storage of produce and flowers. This product controls moisture and effectively eliminates odor while preventing condensation, corrosion, mold, and mildew. It will absorb phenomenal amounts of moisture and ethylene gas to extend produce and floral shelf life 2-3 times longer than normal. Experience the difference and the dollar saving by reducing the compressor run time up to 20% in your container, trucks and cool storage facilities. If you handle produce for a restaurant, hotel or corporate food service our filters will keep your produce fresher and longer with minimal costs. They will also work with flowers for wholesale and retail florists to extend the shelf life of the flowers and save you money.

How DSP Super Green Filters Work

To use, simply place the appropriate DSP Filter™ Blanket in the area to be treated and experience the difference in air quality. This Super Filter will attract moisture into its intermolecular channels like a sponge. It will adsorb phenomenal amounts of moisture and ethylene gas to help extending produce shelf life 2-3 times longer than normal. These Green Filters will work for months before it needs to be replaced. This amazing filter is made from all natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and other natural compounds. The white packing is made from recycle paper it’s green and can be reused or recycled. Simply select the appropriate size desiccant filter for your moisture removal, there are three (3) standard filter sizes available from 600 cubic feet to 1200 cubic feet. Custom sizes are available to meet your cold logistic needs.

What is Ethylene Gas?

Ethylene gas is the ripening agent which occurs naturally in nature. It causes fruits to ripen & decay, vegetables & floral to wilt. Controlling ethylene gas after picking will extend the life cycle of your commodity-allowing them to be held for a much a longer period of time at peak freshness. While refrigeration & humidity slow decay, they don’t halt the production of harmful ethylene gas and excess moisture produced from produce in refrigerated coolers.

The Effects of Ethylene Gas

You’ve seen the effects of ethylene gas damage many times: decaying fresh produce and flower bulbs with Lettuce russet spotting  and also on eggplants The yellowing of cucumbers, broccoli and sprouts. The excessive odor on garlic and onions. The wilting of vegetables and cut flowers. On Apples the scald and loss of crunch,  and the rind breakdown on Lemons, Limes Oranges and Grapefruit.

Control and Absorb Ethylene Gas

If one can control ethylene gas levels, then you preserve freshness. This is a scientific fact and there are many way to solve this problem. Our amazing super filters will capture (absorb) Ethylene Gas, Moisture and Odors to keep your produce fresher lasting longer while reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint. These Super green filters are a simple solution for an age old problem.

Saving Energy & Improving The Quality of Perishables – Food Service Filters

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