Seeing Is Believing...Take the Two (2) Week Filter Test Challenge

Take the FridgTech Free Filter Challenge, 15 days of observing your present cooler conditions VS the FridgTech DSP
To determine if FridgTech DSP filters are performing in your refrigeration cooler it is necessary to review your produce, fruit and flowers for their quality rating. To determine the dollar savings you can obtain one must view the conditions of the before DSP filters are put into a cooler for two week and then place the appropriate filters in the walk-in cooler and use the observation sheet provided to see how much fresher your produce, fruit and or flowers are after fifteen days. In most cases the reduction of moisture and ethylene gas will result in an amazing extension of shelf life for all your products in the cooler with DSP filter. The net reduction of compressor run time will be much harder to quantify. But the walk-in cooler will show signs of being dryer and cooler than before the DSP filters were installed. DSP Filters mean a small investment that last up to 90 days will pay for itself between 10-50 times the cost. It will also reduce your employee safety by reducing the excessive moisture that drops onto the cooler floor. See is believing so ask about the free filter challenge. CLICK HERE TO DOWN LOAD REPORT SHEET

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