SEEING IS BELIEVING...Our Filters Work Harder & Last Longer... It Means More Profit

Check out the A/B container test on the right, The green beans are losing color and has brown spots, the berries have mold, the pear has brown spots and the lettuce has lost some volume. The peaches and tomatoes show no aging sighs on day six. Fruits and Produce decay at different rates to see these decay rates and ethylene gas effects go to the chart below.

This Chef is holding some beautiful tomatoes in side of the walk-in cooler next to our DSF Quilted Super Filter. This DSP Filter will ensure your produce has improved shelf life (2-3 times normal) and quality which translates into dollars saved. Our DSP filter is the only product in the market place that’s Food Safe and will absorb the big Three (3) problems Moisture, Odors and Ethylene Gas.

To keep cost down and become more efficient using desiccant filters, we produce nine (9) Green Super Desiccant Filters for 30 cu in to 2500 cu in sizes. Saving money and extending perishable shelf live is what we do well. And we do it with a product that’s food safe and totally green for a price less than other desiccant filters. The test results are in and saving between 18% electric cost, which are constantly rising ,and becoming a major factor in the food service budget.

To see real results for your self: Call: 561 302 6106 ask about our Free DSP Filter test program and see the great results for yourself.

INTRODUCING * DAISEY FRESH * Keeping Your Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw away nearly 31.6 million tons of food every year. A recent University of Arizona study found that the average family tosses out 1.28 pounds of food a day, for a total of 470 pounds a year! That’s like throwing away $600!

To reduce food loss simply use a DAISEY FRESH filter in your refrigerator to extend the shelf life of your fruits and produce thus saving dollars. For best results we must organizing the fruits & produce in your refrigerator drawers a little different. Now only use open containers instead of closed plastic bags to store your food items. Put a DAISEY FRESH filter into that drawer as in the above photo.