Hey Connie, filters are great. I got 2 weeks on some seedless grapes that I purchased and as as a single man that’s outstanding.. It’s tough to buy produce and store it or shop every day to find it. This is a great product. Thank you!!! My next venture is going to be the litter box filter. Stay tuned..

Steven Spencer, Alpharetta GA

I love FridgTech filters and use them my fridge to keep everything fresh and crisp. It is a simple and easy to use all natural product called the Fridge Tech Desiccant Filter. Thank you Connie for introducing me to FridgTech Filters!

Laura London, Boca Raton, FL

Just wanted to say…since I began using my FridgTec filter, my produce is crisp and fresh FOR TWICE AS LONG! I went shopping yesterday, spent $145 on fresh produce and wasn’t concerned it would “go to waste” before I could eat it. Thank you for a great economical product!!

Laura Rawlings, Newnan GA

This filter has made a noticeable difference in the fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator. I just installed my filter 4 weeks ago and I’ve noticed that my grapes and lettuce are staying fresh much longer. I am very pleased with the results.

Joe Morales, Austin TX